Diversity in STEM

Diversity in STEM In biological communities from a certain ecosystem, there are two important points that also applies to human communities from STEM* environments: There is a few groups who are highly abundant and dominates the community. A more resilient ecosystem is more likely to contain high diverse communities.  We’re not only white (cis**)men doing […]

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(post)PhD life

(Post)PhD life During my PhD studies in marine microbiology, I faced several challenges and issues to solve. So, I started to draw my daily life working within Vibrio, phages, my fears and happiness. After I finished my thesis, I’m still dealing with the impostor syndrome and looking for a PostDoc… so I continue with my […]

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Ekpa’palek program The Ekpa’palek* is an organization focused in motivate students from Latinamerica to develop a professional path. To reach the students in Latinamerica, its official website and their blog site is mostly in Spanish, and some indigenous languages are also available. You can also find this non-profit organization in Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. […]

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