Tara in Chile

Tara in Chile Drawing from 2021 The Tara Ocean Foundation are doing international and interdisciplinary research in field expeditions. They are focused to get new insight of the ocean world. This year, they are in Chile to study the microbial world of our coasts under the current climate change. Inspired by their research, I did […]

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Biofilms Among awesome colleagues/friends, I meet Inga Kirstein who was working to elucidate the relationship of microorganisms on microplastics. I admire her as a person and as a scientist, always with novel ideas and developing high quality research! During her thesis, she was collaborating with Prof. Dr. Georg Krohne to analyze her samples with electron microscopy. […]

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Essays To bring science and art together doesn’t mean that must have an educational goal, and one of these path is SciArt. In this space, I will write essays or sketch inspired in scientific fields. As most of the things I draw, these essays have a socio-political context that would be more explicitly expressed. As […]

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