Microworld Comics

MicroWorld Comics Drawing from 2016 and 2019 What are microbes? Who are they? These and other info in these Microworld comics! #1 What are microbes? Bonus, Microbial World v1 A couple of years ago, I started this idea as a comic. What format do you like it more? I think this format would come back, […]

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Remember to take a break from social media

Take breaks from social media Drawing from March, 2020 To be in quarantine and so far from hometown, can trigger our anxiety… Don’t forget to take care of your mental health! 💜 Take breaks of your phone and take it easy with all the things you “could do”, remember to be kind with yourself! This […]

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The first story of Mic Robio

The first story of Mic Robio Drawing from 2015-2018 Here you can read and download (printable format) the first story of Mic Robio the bacterium. This is a translation of the story made in 2015, so the contact details in the pictures may differ as the current ones. If you want to download the story […]

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