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Other services for researchers

Due to an accident I  cannot use my right hand. Until my  recover is better, my commissons are closed, sorry!

Apart of commissions, I also offer other services for researchers.
Each service is quoted individually. The prices are defined by expected working hours and complexity of work. If you are interested in any of these services, don’t hesitate and contact me.

Figures for paper

including graphical abstract

Poster Design

of your research or institution

Comic or infographic

Your research in a visual format

Other illustration

For covers, descriptions, etc.

For now I’m not offering courses, but I would consider in the future 😉

  • Figures for Paper

Do you have your pie chart in excel and doesn’t look as you want in your paper? I can illustrate and organize your figures! Including graphical abstract, maps with pie charts, illustrate your samples, etc.
I can use e.g. RStudio for graphs and maps, Illustrator for vector figures, and Photoshop for other figures as illustrations. These will be in RGB and size requested by the journal for your paper submission.

Here bellow you can find some published examples to inspire you: 

Graphical Abstracts

Graphical abstract for North Sea goes viral: Occurrence and distribution of North Sea bacteriophages
Garin-Fernandez et al., 2018

Description figures

Lytic and lysogenic phage cycle
Phage morphotypes used in PhD thesis
Phage genome
  • Poster Design

Do you need help to organize all your results for a poster conference? Do you need a general layout for all your presentations? I can help you with both!
Similar to the figure design, I can help you to organize your data in a visual and friendly format. Also I can support to design a general layout for your presentations. The document can be send as Power Point layout or pdf poster ready to print.

Apart of my own presentations (sorry, I’m still not allow to upload them), I helped friends and colleagues for their presentations and also I gave illustration for the main design at the presentation events for the 125 years of oceanographic research on Heligoland.

  • Comic or infographic

Do you like my comics and want one about your research? Do you want a more formal infographic? I can also illustrate them for you! At difference on a simple illustration, this consider a narrative and a story to tell in more than one illustration.

I would also need your help to understand the topic and give you the best possible service.  Normally they’re in digital format, but also I did a mural as at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology.

Examples and inspiration you can find bellow. These and other illustrations, you can find among my projects:

First two pages of my first paper comic
  • Other illustration

Do you want an illustration for an event poster or book cover? Do you wanna share your research with a cartoon? I can illustrate that too! Normally they are in digital, but it can also be in other media.

These and other illustrations, you can find among my projects.

Phage morphotypes
Bacterial pilli structure
Now you know, if you wanna do a commission but have questions, don’t hesitate and contact me
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