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This is an archive of most of the press releases, features, invitations, presentations and interviews in other media platforms. These releases are in English or Spanish:

Upcoming activities!

exhibition on the way!
For more info in spanish (as this project is focused in Chile), check the microbiome talk, the official press release y local news.
You can check bellow for more details (11/2020 on). Soon a bilingual website for this project is coming! 😉

Project founded by programa Ciencia Pública (Public science grant), from Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología, Conocimiento e Innovación (Chilean Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation).


Comunica Ciencia Chile, scicomm group in/from Chile

Abril, 2021

We are a group of more than 100 members, where scicommers, artists, scientist, teachers and many people meet together to give STEM closer to the community with a inclusive perspective.

Our group is in Spanish, and you can find us in instagram, twitter y facebook.

Let's continue with "I wanna know too!"

April, 2021

Together with Bibliotank,  we continue our series of roundtable talks about science and the community. This is in Spanish and you can check all the details in my last post.

The start of "I wanna know too!"

March, 2021

Together with Bibliotank,  we started a series of roundtable talks about science and the community. This is in Spanish and you can check all the details in my last post.

Featured on Global Science Show 

February, 2021

The Global Science Show is a space for scicomm, sciart and all diversity realted to STEM. They've twitter and youtube to highlight creators, scientists and scicommers. I joined the sciart twitter thread, sharing my drawings and illustrations and you can check the threat here.

Presentación Seminario Académico sobre ecología viral en Uni Wisconsin-Madison, USA (transmisión digital, Inglés)

Febrero, 2021

Now moving to academic seminars, I gave a talk about marine phage research to the University Wisconsin- Madison for the Darwin Day. This seminar is focused to under- and postgrad students with basic microbiology knowledge. You can check it by youtube streaming.

Talk about organization in home office

February, 2021

On February 6th, I gave a talk in Spanish to the Journal Club Perú, talking by my experience as a messy person in homeoffice and I gave some advice that works for me and maybe you too!

Talk "We're an ecosystem, a journey through the human microbiome" in Open scicomm event in Chile

January, 2021

This month I got the opportunity to give a talk at the Open Scicomm event 1000charlas (1,000 talks), organized by Par Explora Los Ríos. This event was a series of open talks by several scicommers and scientists in Spanish.
If you can understand Spanish, don't hesitate to check their youtube, facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be updated of all activities.

If you wanna know more about the human microbiome, we're gonna prepare an exhibition about this amazing topic! More info will come soon <3

Participation in Scicomm round table in Spanish

January, 2021

Under the current global context, the importance of efficient scicomm and share reliable info is crucial. To discuss about the diversity of approaches to share knowledge, was the focus of the Seminar “Divulgador@s en acción” (Scicommers to action!). In this event, I struggle with my internet to participate in the roundtable about the different ways to make scicomm.
Thanks to Par Explora RM Norte for the invitation. If you know Spanish, you can check the press release, and follow them in youtube, facebook, instagram & twitter.

Divulgadores en acción conversatorio


Talk about scholarship and advice in student event organized by Nexus, Peru

December, 2020

On december 17th and as last event of this year, I was invited by Nexus, part of the Universidad de la Molina in Peru. In this event, Nexus in collaboration with the science faculty, the federate centre of science, the student magazine Terra and Justicia por el Perú, they present: "Connecting the Science" 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬, an online event held in Spanish with many talks, roundtable and even a concert*! 🤝🎤

If you are interested in scholarships and study at the Uni, you can find Nexus (Spanish) in Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

In this talk, I present options to study abroad, focused in scholarships, some advices and finally share my experience. I've planned to made a video next year about this topic, so follow me in Youtube for further news.

*This concert was to collect money to support people hurt during the demos. Currently people in Peru are resisting and rising up in an important social movement! Unfortunately and similar to Chile, many people lost their eyes and even their lifes... This, together with a pandemic is getting a hard time. So if you need some info how to support, please contact them. 

Talk about illustration and STEM in student event organized by OMNIA UCN, Chile

December, 2020


Last December 15th, I had the opportunity to talk about illustration, the relationship with (micro)biology and the importance to highlight "what we don't see" (talking about microbes and social minorities), this in the student congress organized by OMNIA, part of Universidad Católica del Norte in Chile.

It was a great experience to share these topics and motivate student! 
If you know some Spanish, you can check the Omnia UCN'facebook site to find presentations of student science projects and other interesting invited speakers ✨
💻You can find my talk in Spanish in this link, which title is translated as "Between brushes and microscopes: science communication through illustrations" 🖌️🔬

New exhibition project in the chilean news

November, 2020

Our new project "We are an ecosystem: a journey through our microbiome" was featured in Norte360, a digital media with a local focus in northern Chile.

You can read it in Spanish here:

Talking about microbial map (and more!) in TXS Radio

November, 2020

I'm back to TXS Radio! but this time I didn't talk (only) about Pokémon. TXS radio is -atm- the only radio in Latinamerica focused in science and technology. This time I was invited to the program Jóvenes Estrellas (Young Stars) with Reimundo Roberts. This program is focused in highlight people working in science, technology, engineering and Maths.

In this opportunity, we talked about the microbial map that we did together with the Chilean Network of Microbial Ecology. Also we talked about my PhD research, by experience to be woman migrant in Science, etc. You can hear this chapter in Spanish in Spotify

If you know spanish, you can follow TXS radio in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Or hear them online in their web or check the Podcast of their daily programs in Spotify.


Interview in Anandamapu's Intagram

November, 2020

Anandamapu is a Cultural Centre in Recoleta-Chile. Their Instagram is full -among others- with interview to inspiring and creative people. This time I joined their Instagram direct to talk and answer some questions about scicomm, art, the importance of science and funding in Chile for them.

You can check the direct in Spanish in the following link. If you wanna know more about Anandamapu and can read Spanish, check their Instagram for more interviews and activities (there is even some Flamenco videos!)

Invited to The Life of Science

November, 2020

The Life of Science is a feminist science media project, who increase the voices of Indian women in science and discusses about gender gap. In this miniseries about Sciart (science and arts), I together with inspiring women talked about our experience as women+ doing scicomm and sciart.

You can read the complete article in:


Results funding grant Ciencia Pública (Public Science)

November, 2020

I'm so excited to tell you that with the Universidad de Antofagasta and the support of the Centro Cultural Estación Antofagasta, we got the funding support called Ciencia Pública (Public Science), from the Science Ministery of Chile. The proposal is about an exhibition about the microbiome, the microorganims that inhabit with us (harmless). I'm really excited about and looking forward to share with you more information about.

Check the press release (Spanish) from the Science Ministry of Chile, to find more details about this and other projects.

Release on Cambalache Magazine (Spanish), did you like the cover?

October, 2020

Cambalache is a chilean free and online magazine, focused in science for kids and young people. This is an initiative by the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH).
You can download the first two numbers in Spanish in their oficial website. I got the opportunity to draw the cover in the second volume, I'm really happy about the result and thankful for the team's support. This number was about radioactivity, microbes, medicaments/antibiotics and vaccines, all with illustrations, experiments and more!

Invited to Podcast (in Spanish) Altiro Podcast, group conversation about new chilean constitution

October, 2020

October was a really important month, because -among others- we vote for a new Plebiscite in Chile. This election was to decide if we want a new constitution and how we want to write it.The results were great! with ~80% and the highest number of people voting, we decided for a new constitution and to be written by people elected completely by the citizenship (with gender equality in the elected group). This isn't the end of the social movement, but will open many doors for real dignity for everyone in Chile.

This time I was invited to Altiro Podcast, to talk in Spanish in their Cabildo to talk, discuss and dream about this new constitution.

If you know Spanish, you can see the chapters of this Podcast in youtube, and hear them in Spotify. Altiro Podcast is made by the team of Bibliotank in collaboration with FulgorLab. This is a Podcast about literature as a resistance movement, with interviews to diverse and inspiring people! You can find them in instagram. In September I was also talking about this website and scicomm 😉

Invited to Podcast (in Spanish) Sin Sentido Común At Night

October, 2020

I was invited to the Podcast Sin Sentido Común, a podcast in Spanish about critical thinking, psychology and philosophy. In the at night section, I was invited to talk about scicomm, work in science, phages, and also my childhood and my times in School. If you can understand Spanish, you can hear the chapter in Spotify

This Podcast in Spanish is available to hear in Spotify and Youtube, you can also follow them in instagram, twitter and check their blog in

Placing the microbes on the map with the Chilean Network of Microbial Ecology

October, 2020

Our project to place the microorganisms in the chilean map was shared in the news from the Universidad de Chile. This is a initiative done together with the Chilean Network of Microbial Ecology (RECHEM)

You can check the news in Spanish in this external link.

You can find more information about RECHEM (mostly Spanish) in their website y twitter. Also you can check the complete microbial map here.

Invited for online exhibition with Sciart Latam

September, 2020

Sciart Latam is a space for creators from Latinamerica to share their projects related to science and art. Between September 21st to 27th you can find my illustrations there too!

You can see awesome projects from other inspiring creators in the Instagram and Facebook accounts from SciArt Latam.

Placing microorganisms on the chilean map with the Chilean Network of Microbial Ecology (RECHEM)

September, 2020

To celebrate the international day of microorganisms in September 17th, we're working in collaboration with the Chilean Network of Microbial Ecology (RECHEM)to place together the different microorganisms in the chilean map. In this project, each -woman- scientist describe a microorganism identified or isolated in Chile, and I illustrate them <3 Soon I'll share the complete map here.

You can find more of  RECHEM in their website y twitter. We are sharing new microorganisms daily (described in Spanish) in our social networks. Besides RECHEM and my accounts, the Microbial Ecology lab is sharing them in twitter, instagram and facebook.

We appeared in the chilean newspaper Las Últimas Noticias. You can find the release of this iniciative (in Spanish) in the following video 👇. 

Drawing versus with Wikiseba

September, 2020

In addition of his work in online scicomm, Seba does 3D illustrations. This time we did a versus challenge between his 3D designs and my traditional drawings. If you know Spanish, you can also hear our talk about viruses and microbiology.

You can follow Wikiseba in Youtube, twitter and instagram.

Checking the new website in TXS Radio

September, 2020

TXS radio is -so far- the only radio in Latinamerica only focused in science and technology. I was again with Robbie Barrera in his program Ciencia Imposible (imposible science), this time checking this website when was launched and talked about microbiology and importance to highlight diversity.

If you know or wanna learn Spanish, you can follow Robbie Barrera por Youtube, Instagram, Twitter y Facebook. You can also check the chapters in Spotify.

Invited to Podcast "Ciencia en Otras Palabras" (Science in other words)

September, 2020

Ciencias en otras palabras is a scicomm Podcast in Spanish. They talk about biology, and this time I got the opportunity to talk about diversity, cartoons, phages and other microbes with them. You can hear or download this chapter in this link.

If you know Spanish or wanna practice, you can follow them in facebook, instagram and hear their chapters in Youtube, Spotify and

Invited to Podcast "Altiro"

September, 2020

Altiro is a Podcast in Spanish made by the Bibliotank's team in collaboration with FulgorLab. This Podcast invites creators, writters and readers to highlight their creations as a act of resistance. They considered me to talk about Microbiale project! Thank you so much for the opportunity <3

You can find them in instagram, and hear them (in Spanish) in Spotify, Youtube and Ivoox

Invited at online scicomm interview "Desde la Ciencia"

August, 2020

The scicomm group "Desde La Ciencia" is focused to highlight the importance of science and motivate students to continue this path. You can find them in youtube, facebook and instagram.
This group invited me to talk about my experience in science, microbes and phages. It was really fun and we talk about my experience in research.

You can watch the interview in Spanish on their Facebook

Interview at Cellfie magazine

July, 2020

Cellfie is focused to motivate young girls to pursue their interest in STEM subjects. My interview in English is available at its blog in the following link.


Corona-Zine now available at the Barnard Library, New York

July, 2020

My Fanzine about Covid-19 is now available at the Barnard Library in New York in digital media format in Spanish and English! 

Read the press release in English in the following link.

Part of Jury at Kids tender to draw microorganisms!

July, 2020

The scicomm institution Par Explora Los Ríos organized a great tender for kids: Draw the microbial world! I was honored to be part of the jury and have the really hard task to be part of the winner's decision. Read the press release in Spanish in the following link and the tender official information.

Invited to present at OwaspChile to celebrate their 10th anniversary

June, 2020

"The OWASP Foundation works to improve the security of software through its community-led open source software projects, hundreds of chapters worldwide, tens of thousands of members, and by hosting local and global conferences" (source). The organization from Chile invited me to give a talk about my path in science to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Thanks again for the opportunity!

Invited to radio program to talk about Pokemon

April, 2020

TXS radio is -so far- the only radio in Latinamerica only focused in science and technology. In the Ciencia Imposible (imposible science) program, I got invited to talk with Robbie Barrera about Pokémon and the relation with science.

If you know Spanish (or wanna learn), you can watch the youtube video of the program:

And I went again on the following week:

Thanks again for the opportunity!

Interview about mural wall in chilean magazine

February, 2020

After the inauguration of the mural wall at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, I was interviewed at a national magazine from Chile. Here I talked about the process and the experience to study abroad

Read the press release in Spanish in the following link.

Press release of mural project at MPI

February, 2020

"Art and Science – this alliance offers many opportunities, especially when it comes to the tiny world of single-cell organisms. The mural painting of Alexa Garin-Fernandez at the entrance to the Department of Molecular Ecology at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology shows how this can work. Alexa has done her PhD at the Biological Station Helgoland, which belongs to the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, and knows the department's field of research very well. She comes from Chile and worked as a guest scientist at the Max Planck Institute in Bremen from 2016 to 2019 as a part of her PhD. In addition, she is involved in science communication as a scientific cartoonist". Read the complete press release in English in the following link.


Interview at Antofagasta's newspaper

August, 2019

I got an interview at the local newspaper from Antofagasta, the city where I grew up and studied my undergrad.

Read the interview in Spanish in the following link (with subscription)

Interview at Tarapacá in situ magazine

July, 2019

Tarapacá in situ is a local-focused magazine, where they share the reality of Northern Chile. This time I got the opportunity to talk about my heritage, PhD thesis, pokemon and scicomm.

Read the interview in Spanish in the following link

Selected for "Influential women" from Ekpa'palek

February, 2019

"Influential women" is a part of the Ekpa'paleks program, that makes visible women's stories in their professional development. For more info about Ekpa'palek you can check my post or go directly to their website.

Featured at Wikisebas 10h marathon

February, 2019

Wikiseba is the biggest edutuber in spanish language, and he invited me to join his marathon of 10h! This was my first time streaming, so I got super nervous while drawing live and talked about my research.
If you know Spanish (or wanna learn), don't hesitate and follow them in Youtube, twitter and instagram.

Featured post from their instagram and twitter status.

Featured in "February of women scientists" of StarTres

February, 2019

StarTres is a group of three chilean women dedicated to scicomm in astronomy. If you know Spanish (or wanna learn), don't hesitate and follow them in Youtube, twitter and instagram.

In February, they featured a women scientist per day and one of them was me! I feel so honored to be considered for 🙂

Interview to autonomous blog

February, 2019

I was invited to an autonomous and alternative blog to talk about my path in science and now in scicomm, my view about the sexism in STEM, and we talk about patriarchy, migration and pokemon.

Unfortunately, this blog doesn't exist anymore, but I could save a couple of screenshots.


Ale participated in the illustration of scaled microbes, present her research as Poster format (in German!) and Mic Robio did a cameo in the event booklet

Ale and Mic Robio at the 125 years of oceanographic research on Heligoland

May, 2017

To celebrate the 125 of the oceanographic research on Heligoland, a big Open Day was organized.

In this opportunity, I used all my language skills to explain my research in German to a broader audience, talk about microbes and explain how abundant and important are for our marine ecosystems. This was a huge event, with lot of different and interesting research!

In addition, with my colleagues and friends from the Microbial Ecology working group prepared a culture plate exposition. For this, we collected samples from coastal environment and from our homes and us! Then we incubated them to show that microbes are everywhere (and harmless!), and using certain techniques you can see them as on these plates.

Read the press release of this event in the following link


Illustration of the first coloring book version.

Interview to Mic Robio's creator.

October, 2015


The Spanish Association of Scientific Communication (AECC) published a interesting interview about the world of Mic Robio the bacterium. In this article, the creator of Mic Robio, Gonzalo Fuentes explains the idea of this project, including objectives and the reception of the readers.

Read the original article (in Spanish) in the following link

Above: Ale's presenting the Mic Robio adventures as Poster Below: Not just kids are able to enjoy with Mic stories 😉

Mic Robio and Ale at the Open Day, Helgoland.

August, 2015

After its first appearance in Chile, Mic Robio moved to the other side of the world and was part of the "Open Day" (Tag der Offenen Tür in German). In this opportunity, we opened our labs on Heligoland to show to the community what we are doing, and Mic Robio could tell about the micro-world.

Above: Gonzalo Fuentes (Mic Robio's creator) is telling to the kids about Mic and his friends. Below: Lab group with our young readers. Photos credit: Par Explora Antofagasta

First appearance of Mic Robio!

April, 2015

The research group from Laboratorio de Complejidad Microbiana y Ecología Funcional del  Instituto Antofagasta, Chile participated with other research institutes on the event Puerto de Ideas.
In this event, kids had the possibility to participate in different activities such as "Light and colours for everyone", "The origins of scientific photography", "light and life: photosynthesis, energy and extremophiles organisms" and "Welcome to the microbial world", where we presented Mic Robio by first time.

If you want to know more about science and technology's divulgation in Antofagasta, Chile. Check Par Explora Antofagasta!

Read the original article (in Spanish) in the following link