Comic: The North Sea Goes Viral

Comic: The North Sea Goes Viral

Drawing from 2019

After that my first -first author- paper was published, I was so happy that I drew a comic about this research! I loved so much to adapt a research into a comic, I hope I can do more comics like this, maybe with your research? 😉 

But before read this paper-comic, it’s important to make a clarification:

The most abundant virus group are called bacteriophages or phages, who infects bacterias and not humans. So don’t worry, although they’re many, most of them are harmless to us! so does the big majority of microbial diversity in our planet.

You can click the first pic to read the comic in HD: The North Sea goes viral: Occurrence and distribution of North Sea bacteriophages

If you wanna print it as a little book, you can click the button bellow. Download and print both sides in A4 format. Please check that the page is flipped by the shorter page side. In this way, you can turn around the page horizontaly and not verticaly.
After print, place them in orden (cover first and last printed page at the end), fold them by a half to make a small A5 book. Use a staple to fix it and done! <3

If you need some help to print it, don’t hesitate to contact me @microbiale and I can make a tutorial about 😉

All these files are for personal use and not commercial!
If you want to create and distribute a product made by me, please check other services and contact me for further collaboration 🙂

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