Lab Journal #2: Mic Robio Tender, the transfer to a fresher idea

Lab Journal #2

Mic Robio Tender, a fresh transfer on a bigger idea

Drawing from 2016

A lab Journal is a written record of your lab work, so then you don’t forget anything and keep record of each step you do. This space is something similar, here I share details of the progress of different projects.

In this second journal update, I’ll mention you what happened after the first Mic Robio story. How I started to collaborate with colleagues and what is the project follow up plan.

Table of Contents

2016, a thesis and a tender

In 2016, and as I didn’t have enough things to work with in my thesis, I organized a tender!

I wanted to grow the Mic Robio world, and this is only possible with collaborations, so I release a tender where scientists (from any place) could tell their research stories in this Microbial World. In this contest, participated colleagues from Chile and Germany and with many different ideas. From them, I accepted 5 and others where kept for a possible second part… but I need to finish the first part before start to think on the next one 😉

The tender contact may differ as the current contact information.

Tender Results: The marine adventures of Mic Robio

After selecting the winners of this tender, my part of the challenge started: to place together these 5 stories into one single storyline.

And that’s how the first book started: The marine adventures of Mic Robio.
The selected stories are titled:

  1. Remake first story.
    Written by Gonzalo Fuentes and Ale Garin-Fernandez
  2. Pirates of the Microbbean.
    Written by Inga V. Kirstein
  3. Beyond the dark ocean.
    Written by Paulina Huanca-Valenzuela
  4. A twist in the marine flow.
    Written by Rebecca Störmer
  5. The rescue.
    Written by Eduardo Acosta
  6. The tasty oily food.
    Written by Katerina Kondyli

What happened with these stories? Well, between 2016-2017 I was going through a depression… This situation and the stress of my PhD thesis caused to leave many things in stand and focus to get better, this book project among them. Now, I could finished my PhD studies and I’m also taking more care of my mental health, so I can be back in this project ✨

Next journal:

Status of these stories. In the future I’ll interview the authors of these stories to tell more about it 

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