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I’m not doing inktober, because I’m being part of the drawing challenge called STEMtober!

In this challenge, you can draw a character, illustrate a concept, made a comic, write smth, share a “did u know?” or anything you create related to each STEM field. This is weekly, so I hope I/we can manage it 😉
Each week tag #stemtober and #stemtober2020, then everyone can see and share your creative work!

Other awesome people who are also joining this challenge in the Science week are Kimelfememo, DrawinScience, naturquoise_fox and Carla_H_S.

In my case, I am illustrating one page with a field of STEM and one of my characters related to this field <3 Also, Pablo Chester wrote description texts for each STEM area, thanks Pablo! let’s continue with more collabs


Week 1, Science

Science is an orderly and systematic set of knowledge. This knowledge is about nature, the beings that form it, the phenomena that occur and finally, the laws that shape these phenomena. All this knowledge is obtained by studying and observing its principles and causes.  One of the sciences is based on studying microbiology, geology, botany or even zoology, are part of The Natural Sciences!
Finally, Science is all knowledge, that study, research and interpret the reality we inhabit.

Week 2, Technology

Technology is a very broad concept. It can be the sets of scientific notions and knowledge covering a wide variety of aspects and disciplines. These disciplines can be within electronics, art or even medicine. Since past times human beings have sought and found a variety of knowledge that has given them the experience that has led them to improve their lives and achieve a precise goal. This may involve transforming the environment around them, solving problems, increasing efficiency and improving aesthetics, and others.
Technology is the sum of knowledge, techniques, processes and systems used in the production of tools such as machines. They are crucial in the scientific research!

Week 3, Engineering

Engineering is a set of scientific and technological knowledge that is applied optimally converting materials and forces of nature into practical uses for humanity. In a way it is variable and depends on technological advances as well as existing tools. Engineering supports the basic sciences, transforming knowledge into something with a practical application!
Engineering applies scientific and technological principles in the design of novel structures, such machines, bridges and vehicles.

Semana 4, Mathematics

Mathematics is a science based on axioms. It is the study of the properties of abstract entities and their internal relations under a logical and deductive rationale. All this, based on the present structure, order and repetitive patterns. Based on the count, measurement and description of the forms.
In short, it includes the study of patterns to generate new conjectures in a logical way. It is key to modeling and understanding natural phenomena and providing new perceptions about the world around us and beyond.

Talking Timelapse #2

Check the timelapse video that I talk about STEM and materials I use for traditional illustrations.

Final STEMtober illustration

If you got inspired and wanna draw something related to STEM, don’t forget to use the hashtag #STEMtober #STEMtober2020 and share with me to check your drawings and illustrations!

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