Diverse fields & diverse people

Diverse fields & diverse people

Drawing from Juni, 2020

Diverse Science🌈
Independent of your identity, our heritage or our look, none of those should be a limitation to do science!
The diversity in science allows the integration of different perspectives, enriching our research and the scientific discussion. This is regarding the scientific field, as well as we as scientists.

These are post of four characters working in each STEM fields, inspired in friends and inspiring people.

STEM, Science

Len, (They/them)

Biologist, tropical rainforest’s botanist

They are non binary, brown skin and colored hair, but any of those limited them to follow their dreams and research about the forest biodiversity
The biology is not only to stay in the laboratory working with DNA and proteins, researchers sometimes don’t wear a white coat but instead have rubber boots to get into the mud for sampling e.g. plant’s leaves for identification.

✊🏿 Diversity must be respected and protected, never attacked nor oppressed ✊🏽

STEM, Technology

Kiu, (She/They)

Electrician and computer technician, specialized in hardware development

She’s a black trans woman, who loves the technology. She develops devices and computational accessories for scientific research 💿🤖
From the computer, the microscope, and even diving and spacial robots, are examples of technological developments, Technology is key to permit and create instruments to answer scientific questions 🔬🔭

STEM, Engineering

Joan, (She/Her)

Engineering physics, specialized in astrodynamics

To be woman in STEM is not easy, even more when you don’t accomplish the stereotypical expectations. But your weight, tattoos, piercings nor clothes makes you less valid for! ✨💜
Astronomy is a interdisciplinary science that studies the origin and evolution of estructures beyond Earth, which includes planets, black holes, asteroids and stars 🔭
One of the areas of research, is the study of the Orbital mechanics, or how the objects move in space. This is really important to design rockets as well to understand the planet orbits and other elements in space.

STEM, Mathematics

Alari, (He/Him)

Mathematician in modeling systems

He is gay and indigenous. His name in Quechua was used for important people in the community, who are direct and transparent.
To include different perspectives into his projects, allows him to enrich his research about the ocean 🌊
The oceanography can applied statistics and math modeling to understand the current dynamics. Therefore, this scientist is most of the time programming on his computer 💻

It wont be the last time you’ll see these lovely people 😉
Stay in touch for new entries and comics <3

Check the illustration process while I talk about diversity (English subs available)

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