Diversity in STEM

Diversity in STEM

In biological communities from a certain ecosystem, there are two important points that also applies to human communities from STEM* environments:

  • There is a few groups who are highly abundant and dominates the community.
  • A more resilient ecosystem is more likely to contain high diverse communities. 

We’re not only white (cis**)men doing research! Although they can be the most frequent profile in textbooks, awards and news, the STEM community is highly diverse. We need the inclusion of different perspectives to perceive and improve our research views.
From different social contexts, study degrees, physical and neuronal diversity, heritage, language, gender and sexual identity… We are all different and this diversity is valid and important <3

This section is focused in posts related to highlight the diversity in STEM.

* Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.
** people who identify themselves in the same gender defined at birth.


STEMtober Textos por Pablo Chester y Ale I’m not doing inktober, because I’m being part of the drawing challenge called...

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