Coronavirus Zine

Coronavirus Zine

Drawing from April, 2020

What’s SARS-COV-2? Isn’t the same as COVID-19? Where is it? What are the symptoms?🤔❓
These and other questions answered in this informative mini-comic 🦠
Please click on the first picture to go through the gallery and read this Zine comic

Remember, wash your hands🧼, keep physical distance of 1.5 m and stay at home if you can💜

If you want to print and share this comic, you can find a bilingual black-and-white doc down bellow (violet button above)🖨. You can also check and download this and other docs in my drive and in Coronavirus posts.
The comic is free to download, but Ko-fis are always welcome ☕️

Bonus: If you need extra help for the Zine, I did a tutorial video in my youtube channel!📹

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