Commissions closed!

Due to an accident I  cannot use my right hand. Until my  recover is better, my commissons are closed, sorry!

By first time I open commissions! I’ll do my best to leave my nervous feeling behind and give you the best service I can <3
Commission details are described below. In addition, a half of each commission will be donated to a chilean autonomous group Movimiento Urbano.

If you are interested in a commission, please contact me by email or any of my social accounts (@microbiale). There are limited weekly slots.
Please consider the following info (click for details)

  • Price and style

In general, each commission will have a simple background and one character, who can be a fictional or real person. The illustration will have a circular or rectangular background. The prices per commission are:

As an addition, you can add more characters, detailed background or other elements! Cyborgs and androids will be considered as “detailed elements”, and microbes as “non-human beings”. The prices of each element is the following:

As you can see in the examples, digital is the default technique. However, you can also request the commission in traditional. Remember that in any case, the illustration will be send only by email.

Remember that first you must share with me your idea, give references and mention if you need it before a week. In base of it, I will give you a quotation.
I will start drawing only after the successful payment transfer.
(More details in “Stages and corrections”).

  • Topics to draw

I can work in different topics, but some I won’t do. In detail:

If you wanna do an infographic or comic, this is as a service and not as commission. This is because the narrative from these formats aren’t considered in this kind of commission. For details, don’t hesitate to write me an email or my social networks (@microbiobac).

  • References needed

As we don’t have (so far) telepathy, I need a description of your idea as detailed as possible.

A written description helps a lot, but if you have references will be even better! Please consider to send me up to 5 pictures, I will get lost with more 🙁

The pictures can be send by our contact platform and will be crucial to have all the info for an accurate quotation.

Mic helps to share references too!
  • Stages and corrections


The stages for my commissions are:

  1. First contact: You can write me by email or by social networks (facebook, twitter and instagram). There you describe what you want (design, size, technique and references), give your email and any other contact. If the slots are completed, I will let you know to move it for next week… if you are agree for sure!
  2. Quotation: Based on your previous info, I’ll send you the price for your commission and details for the payment transfer.
    Once I can proof the successful transfer, I will start with the next stage.
  3. Sketch: During the first days, I will send you a sketch of the general idea for you commission. In this stage you can request corrections 2 times maximal.
    The sketch will be in low quality picture and with waterproof.
  4. Base colored sketch: Afterwards, I will add colors to the final sketch. This will give you a better general idea before I start to draw the final illustration. In this stage you have only one chance to give corrections.
    As for the former sketch, this picture will be in low quality and watermark.
  5. Final illustration: This stage I will put everything together to create the final illustration. This will be send by email (to send a high quality picture). 
    Only in necessary cases, you will have one chance for minor corrections.
Llevar a cabo una ilustración neesita de varias etapas


As mentioned above, there will be a maximal of 4 opportunities for corrections (2 in sketch, 1 in colored sketch, and 1 minor corrections in the final illustration). If you wanna do more corrections, it will cost 5.000 CLP/ 6 EUR each time.
The corrections and the progress will be send by the platform you contacted me. The best is to have your answer in max. 48 h, so then we can reach the final commission in one week. If you don’t answer, I will take it as you are fine with everything and I will continue to the next stage.

Correction examples:
Minors: fist for open hand, green for blue background, modify the fringe, etc.
Mayores: change character position (stand up to lying down), add another character, change clothes, etc.

  • Format

Due the distance and the current worldwide situation, the commissions will be only digital-delivered. If in the near future I can fine a good way to send them, I will share it ASAP.

Two files (pdf and png) will be send to your email.

The pictures will be in A5 (portrait or landscape) or square (1028x1028px), transparent background, 300 dpi and RGB color.

In addition, the sketch (inks and colores) will be send in low quality and waterproof. This is to protect my work.

Example or body shapes. Illustration made in traditional style #1.
  • Donation to "movimiento urbano"

Half of each payment will be donated to Movimiento Urbano.

This is an autonomous and self-organized group, who gives social support to elderly people in state of abandonment, Itinerant “Olla común” (like soup kitchen, shared food by and for the community) in Antofagasta, Chile. With an itinerant focus, they are all around the city to support the people who need food, water supply, etc. More information in Spanish in its instagram and facebook

This is a non-profit group and working based on donation. Its work is crucial to support the most vulnerable society group, and even more during this pandemic!

The donation will be transfer once per month.

"Movimiento Urbano" preparing everything for the "Olla común"
  • Payment

The complete payment will be transfer before start the commission.
The transfer info will be informed privately. There are to payment methods:


Euros International

Bank transfer

Chilean Peso only available in Chile

If you only can pay with dollars, the PayPal transfer has the “to Euro transformation” option. If you aren’t in Chile and don’t have access to PayPal, we can talk about other payment way.

  • More relevant information

Now you know, if you wanna do a commission but have questions, don’t hesitate and contact me
by facebook, twitter and instagram
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