STEMtober Textos por Pablo Chester y Ale I’m not doing inktober, because I’m being part of the drawing challenge called STEMtober! In this challenge, you can draw a character, illustrate a concept, made a comic, write smth, share a “did u know?” or anything you create related to each STEM field. This is weekly, so […]

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Diverse fields & diverse people

Diverse fields & diverse people Drawing from Juni, 2020 Diverse Science🌈 Independent of your identity, our heritage or our look, none of those should be a limitation to do science! The diversity in science allows the integration of different perspectives, enriching our research and the scientific discussion. This is regarding the scientific field, as well […]

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Sororidad, sisterhood Drawing from 2018 The sisterhood (closer translation to sororidad) is the supporting network between women, who also can be extensible to Queer people, such as non binaries. To support each other in school, at home, in and outside the labs, is crucial for a more diverse research and safe inclusive spaces. To reach […]

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