Among awesome colleagues/friends, I meet Inga Kirstein who was working to elucidate the relationship of microorganisms on microplastics. I admire her as a person and as a scientist, always with novel ideas and developing high quality research!
During her thesis, she was collaborating with Prof. Dr. Georg Krohne to analyze her samples with electron microscopy. These samples were biofilms* from microplastics that were incubated in seawater. Once she showed me these pictures… and I was in love of these microbes! the high quality pictures were an artistic inspiration for me. Thanks Inguita to let me paint your awesome samples!
The original illustrations are in A6 format, I used ink with nibs and brushes.
The pictures I used as references are part of Inga’s PhD thesis, which related-research you can find in the publications The Plastisphere – Uncovering tightly attached plastic “specific” microorganisms and Mature biofilm communities on synthetic polymers in seawater – Specific or general?.

*a layer of microorganisms that grow on a certain surface, like a whole metropolis!

In my to do list, is a video to talk with researchers about biofilms and marine microplastic, so please be patient <3

Also, Inga Kirstein wrote one of the Mic Robio Stories. You can check more about this project in this link.

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