About Microbiale

What's Microbiale?

Microbiale is a safe space, where I (Ale) explore ways to bring together science and art. Here, you will find communication (scicomm) and sciart (science & art) in Spanish and English.

The main motivation is to highlight diversity in the microbial world and people in STEM:

Microbial diversity

Microorganisms are more than only "bad bugs". Without microorganisms, the life as we known would never exist. They're everywhere and so diverse! Here you can explore different views of their diversity and importance in our planet.

Diversity in STEM

We're not only white men as scientists, we are womxn, Queer*, BIPoC** and there's placefor everyone! Also, Academia isn't the only path, we can follow other ways to do science and be inspiring! all of them valid and necessary

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Are you not sure why is scicomm and these motivation fields important? Then check:

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Why Diversity in STEM?

The illustrations in this website are personal and non-profit projects, so don’t use for a commercial use. You can download material for spreading and teaching purposes. If you want my drawings in your research project or create a commercial product, please check my other services section

*= As short explanation, non-heteronormative community. This spectra includes people not identified as cis or heterosexual, e.g. LGBTQ+ 
**= Black, Indigenous, People Of Color

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