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It's me, Ale!

My Name is Ale Garin-Fernandez (They/Them), but you can just call me Ale. I’m the one behind all these cartoons!

I am Queer BIPoC scientist.
I come from Northern Chile, with Aymaras heritage (indigenous community) and I love cats, gypsy punk, theater, pokemon world, BIPoC Feminismus, and anime!

In Chile, I did my undergrad in Biotechnology at the Universidad de Antofagasta, where I felt in love with the microbial world! 
Afterwards, I got a DAAD scholarship to study my PhD in Germany. I joined the Marine Microbiology graduate program, together with Jacobs University Bremen, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, and the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (Yes, lota collaborations!). Most of the time I was living on a tiny little island called Heligoland, working at the Biologische Anstalt Helgoland.
My thesis was focused in phage ecology, which I studied the relationship between marine bacteria and their viruses or phages. In between of my lab work, I was drawing about microbes and my life as a PhD student. Now this project grows as Microbiale.

You can find my Portfolio at Behance.

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My research publications are available in my ResearchGate and my ORCID accounts. Also, you can read my PhD thesis here.

Garin-Fernandez A; Glöckner FO; Wichels A, 2020. Genomic characterization of filamentous phage vB_VpaI_VP-3218, an inducible prophage of Vibrio parahaemolyticus. &nbspMar Genomics 53:100767

Garin-Fernandez A; Wichels A, 2020. Looking for the hidden: Characterization of lysogenic phages in potential pathogenic Vibrio species from the North Sea. &nbspMar Genomics 51:100725

Garin-Fernandez A; Pereira-Flores E; Glöckner FO; Wichels A, 2018. The North Sea goes viral: Occurrence and distribution of North Sea bacteriophages. &nbspMar Genomics 41:31-41

Kirstein IV; Kirmizi S; Wichels A; Garin-Fernandez A; Erler R; Löder M; Gerdts G, 2016. Dangerous hitchhikers? Evidence for potentially pathogenic Vibrio spp. on microplastic particles. &nbspMar Environ Res 120:1-8

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