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Currently Ale is succesfully recovering from an accident  and reorganizing Microbiale as a whole.
Therefore, this page is in stand-by until we can share more information with you.

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Let's spread science!

If you are in this site is because you are interested
in science and microbiology, or you like comic… or both! even better!

One of the different ways to communicate science
is through illustrations and comics, what is Ale’s focus.
Check about Microbiale and know more about Ale, the creator of this site.

You can also check news and interviews
about Ale and her related projects (Spanish, German and English).

If you wanna collaborate for a project, or have an specific scicomm service,
check the information for commissions and other services
If you want to support Ale to create new illustrations and comics
about diversity in science and in microbiology, you can donate her a Ko-fi.

Remember to follow Ale in the social media and share their work!

Cartoon projects*

Microbial Concepts
Inspiring Womxn
Pkm (WIP)
Mic Robio Project
About Ekpa'palek
Microbial World
Diversity in STEM

*All these are non-profit projects and make to share freely to the community.

For collaborations I made with other friends and colleagues, check the news or about me (Ale).

Let's keep the contact!

Do you have an idea you want I draw?

Or do you wanna spread your research in a comic or video? Or do you need support in your graphical abstract figure for your paper? Another idea or comment?

You can write me by the contact form or e-mail.

If you have doubts, you can check the info for commissions and scicomm services, or contact me through the social network.

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